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We offer a wide variety of pumps.

Water pumps are essential to automatic fire sprinkler systems when there is insufficient water pressure to deliver the volume of water needed to adequately charge a system. The centrifugal pump is used, almost exclusively, to provide water under pressure.

New Millennium Fire offers both horizontal and vertical fire pumps in capacities up to 5,000 gpm. The horizontal pumps produce water pressures ranging from 40 to 200 psi., while the vertical pumps deliver pressures ranging from 75 to 280 psi.

A horizontal pump is used when a fire sprinkler system is tied into a closed water supply. The pump is used to increase water pressure. The vertical pump is implemented whenever suction lift is required. A vertical pump is necessary when an open water supply is used, such as a stream, pond or pit. The vertical pump siphons the water from its source and delivers it to the system with adequate pressure.